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Enjoy cooking as much as you
Enjoy eating!

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“I was figuring out how much salt to put and tomato to add and in realizing all that, the onions got burnt!”

- Sujay M, 26


Cooking with Semi

Riku app with recipes shopping list meal plan

What to Cook?

Why is it that figuring out tonight’s dinner can be one of the biggest challenges of the day? No more! Next time you are short on time and wondering what to eat, our auto generating meal plan can give you a plan based on your diet and lifestyle preferences.  

Semi the smart induction cooktop with guided cooking
Induction cooktop

What do I add?
When? How much?

Is your dish lacking that "something" because you missed an ingredient or put in the wrong amount? No worries! Semi comes with a built weighing scale, telling you exactly what to add and how much, while cooking your next meal. 

Induction cooktop

How hot should it be?

Temperature control in the preparation of food is important for a number of reasons, to preserve quality but most importantly to ensure safety.  Semi Controls the temperature with accurate readings thanks to the temperature probe being in constant contact with the bottom of your vessel.

Semi smart induction cooktop
Semi smart induction cook top with Temparature Probe for precise and accurate cooking
Semi induction cooktop with probe for precise and accurate cooking

Food Temperature Probe

One Attachment  =  So Many Varieties

Searing with Semi smart induction cooktop
Sous Vide cooking with semi the smart induction cooktop
Deep cooking with semi the smart induction cooktop
Melting cooking with semi smart induction cooktop
Sous Vide
Deep Frying

Choose a preset, or make your own!

Preset options of semi smart induction cooktop

Watch Semi in action

Prototype 01 

Blending the art & science of cooking

Punjabi Chicken Gravy
Guided cooking with accurate temparature setting using semi the smart induction cooktop

Your Digital Recipe Library

What do I cook today? How do I plan my meals

for this week? How do I cook that dish?

Our Recipe Library and collaborative meal planning give you the tools to plan and shop for your entire week. 

Web_App Recipe.png
Recipe Library
Web_App Meal Planning.png
Collaborative Meal Plan
Web_App Guided.png

Under the hood

Induction cooktop with smart technology


2.4 GHz 

Induction cooktop with smart technology

Temperature Control

30-210°C | ±1°C

Induction cooktop with smart technology

Control/ Child


Induction cooktop with smart technology
Induction stove

Accurate Weighing

5g - 15 Kg°C | ±5 g

Induction stove

Power Control

400 - 1800 W

Induction stove

Food Temperature Probe attachment

Induction cooktop with smart technology

Power Input

240/110 V

Induction cooktop with smart technology


2.4" TFT LCD

Induction stove

Touch Capacitive

Control Panel

Induction stove

Heat Resistant

Ceramic Glass


Pick your style

Onyx Black
Pearl White
Sapphire Blue

Want to Create Awesome Products and Recipes?

We're looking for talented home cooks and professional chefs to help us create recipes

for our platform and hardware.


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Pre-book Semi to be one of the first people to try out Semi. 

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